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NuEra Tight

A new era of personalised body treatments

Image by Dainis Graveris

NuEra® Tight is a non-invasive temperature-controlled radiofrequency treatment that effectively reduces fat, minimises cellulite, tightens skin, and smooth wrinkles. Unlike other body treatments, NuEra Tight can be personalised specifically for your skin, working to treat each of your skin layers with the right settings for your body’s skin thickness, hydration, age, and laxity.


Without the invasiveness of surgery or the harshness of chemicals, NuEra Tight’s state-of-the-art technology smartly adapts to YOUR body and works with its internal mechanisms to deliver natural-looking results.

The technology can target:

  • Fat Reduction

  • Skin Tightening

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Wrinkle reduction

The NuEra tight Radio Frequency (RF) system delivers fast, effective, and safe skin tightening treatments for the body and face. 


At Beauty Tranquillity, we can create your very own treatment plan, which may recommend a course of up to 4 - 8 procedures. Results will develop gradually and improve as the treatment course progresses, with the final outcome visible in around 60 days.

NuEra Tight Price List



each session


Full face and neck

each session


Small body areas:

Arms, Bra fat, Calves

each session


Medium area:

Stomach, Love handles

each session


Large area:

Legs, Buttocks

each session

Beauty Tranquillity offers bespoke body sculpting and skin tightening packages of 4 - 6 with up to 20% off! This offer is available on request with amazing results from continuous sessions. Enquire today!

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